Welcoming James W. Head to the East Bay Community Foundation

On November 3, the Chinese American Community Foundation Board of Directors welcomed James W. Head to his new role as CEO & President of the East Bay Community Foundation at a special gathering attended by community leaders.

David Lei, Vice Chairman of CACF, congratulated James and encouraged him to get to know the Chinese American community in the East Bay. James W. Head spoke eloquently of several new initiatives the EBCF is working on and how he is reaching out to engage new donors.

CACF supports the work of all philanthropic organizations in the Bay Area. We believe friendships and trust-building lead to closer collaborations that will greatly benefit our community.

Thank you to all our friends for taking the time to show their support. Please visit our facebook page to see additional photos from the event.

CACF EBCF Nov 2015 Board and James
CACF EBCF Nov 2015 group 2
CACF EBCF Nov 2015 David LCWang Joyce Joo
CACF EBCF Nov 2015 Sheri and Ted