We work in partnership with our donors, social organizations, and fellow grantmakers to address issues in our community.

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Philanthropy Education & Promotion
Bay Area Chinese Americans continue to grow more engaged in philanthropy. With this in mind, we sponsor research initiatives and provide donor education opportunities for those wishing to become more involved. Our goal is to raise awareness of Chinese American contributions to causes in the Bay Area, urge more giving now and in the future, and help community organizations strengthen their relationship with donors.

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Catalyst Fund
Whether offering social services for new immigrants, maintaining our cultural heritage, or providing a voice for community issues, many nonprofits serving Chinese Americans are surviving year-to-year on subsistence funding. The Catalyst Fund seeks to help our partners improve their financial sustainability with impactful grants specifically for capacity building projects to help develop and enhance sustainable operating models. The 2014 pilot is our matchmaking initiative, the CACF Opportunity List.The list gives donors access to immediate opportunities to make a positive difference in our community.

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Nonprofit Support

The Bay Area has developed a vibrant network of non-profits serving the Chinese-American community. Some provide services ranging from tax assistance to after-school programming while others advocate for Asian-American interests at the policy level. CACF strives to build relationships with and among these organizations, providing them with the support they need to elevate the community for years to come.

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Chinese Americans have found many opportunities to incorporate philanthropy and volunteerism into their lives. While they may have a range of charitable interests, giving back is a strong trend. As a hub for organizations serving the Chinese American community and beyond, we offer volunteers many ways to provide their support.

IMG_1138“It’s a lot of work to prepare quality Asian meals for an event like this, but the chefs love this opportunity to give back.”
– Larry Chu, Chef Chu’s Restaurant

CACF and the Asian Chefs Association co-hosts the annual holiday lunch and dinner at GLIDE Memorial Church. The annual event brings together award-wining chefs and over 100 Asian American community volunteers to serve a free lunch and dinner for 2,500 of GLIDE’s community of disadvantaged clients.