Hidden in Plain Site

In the report, Hidden in Plain Site: Asian American Leaders in Silicon Valley, the authors looked at the 2013 EEOC data and found huge disparities in race and gender. The analysis was made possible by increased transparency by tech companies in disclosing previously confidential data. The EEOC data released by five large Silicon Valley companies (Google, […]

Are AAPI Seniors Financially Secure?

Compared to other ethnic groups, AAPIs (Asian American & Pacific Islanders) as a whole are generally seen as more economically secure. They have higher average household incomes and are major consumers and users of financial products and services. One factor may have to do with the often larger and often multi-generational households. However, a new report […]

New Fidelity Report Sees Rise in Donor-Advised Funds

Fidelity Charitable Trust reported a 17% growth in its donor-advised funds over the last four years. As one of the largest DAF managers in the country, its findings may be indicative of larger trends.