Hidden in Plain Site

In the report,¬†Hidden in Plain Site: Asian American Leaders in Silicon Valley, the authors looked at the 2013 EEOC data and found huge disparities in race and gender. The analysis was made possible by increased transparency by tech companies in disclosing previously confidential data. The EEOC data released by five large Silicon Valley companies (Google, […]

Cameron House Executive Director To Take Part in Media Training Project

The Asian American Journalist Association is organizing its first AAJA Media Institute, a two-day workshop to train thought leaders and help them become valuable sources to the media. The project grew out of the need to have diverse, go-to experts that can help journalists tell their story. Thirty participants will take part in the boot […]

What You Need to Know About Nonprofit Mergers

Since the 2008 recession, the nonprofit and grantmaking communities have steadily paid increasing attention to mergers. The total pool of grantmaking dollars available to support nonprofit mergers has grown, albeit modestly. And more nonprofits have considered merger as a part of their strategy to increase and sustain their impact in the community. Yet, as recent […]

Nonprofits: Participate in the CACF Opportunity List

The Chinese American Community Foundation is pleased to invite community groups to participate in the newly established Catalyst Fund that aims to encourage innovation and collaboration in the Chinese American nonprofit community. Building upon our recent study on Chinese American philanthropists and our collective knowledge of donor motivations, the goal of the Fund is to […]