Participate in the Mentor Up grant competition!

Through the Mentor Up program, AARP Foundation is looking to fund innovative, exciting and impactful intergenerational interventions that engage youth volunteers in “reverse mentoring” or service activities designed to foster positive intergenerational interactions that will help reduce the negative effects of social isolation faced by vulnerable individuals over 50. Specifically, AARP Foundation is seeking interventions […]

Famed Chefs and CACF Volunteers Serve Asian Fusion Meal at GLIDE

On December 9, 2013, the Asian Chefs Association and Chinese American Community Foundation hosted this year’s Chefs Without Borders Holiday Lunch and Dinner at GLIDE. The annual event brings together award-winning chefs and over 100 Asian American community volunteers to serve a free lunch and dinner for 2,500 of Glide’s community of disadvantaged clients. “The […]