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Engaging Chinese Americans through community grantmaking.

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The Chinese American Community Foundation envisions a healthy, vibrant Chinese-American community that is continually enriched and sustained by the deep philanthropic tenets of its heritage and people.


We aim to be the leading platform for sustained philanthropy within the Bay Area Chinese American community, using a model of continuous stakeholder education and collaboration to engage both the community’s donors and the organizations they support.

* We simplify giving so donors can focus on their philanthropic passions.
* We collaborate with organizations and leaders to strengthen our community.
* We aim to create a donor community that advances innovative solutions to challenging problems.


The Bay Area is home to numerous Asian-American communities, many of whom have unique needs requiring targeted resources from within the community itself. While there are local organizations providing this assistance, there existed few services to ensure their survival. After seeing even the most innovative organizations struggle year after year, a small group of dedicated community leaders developed the idea for a platform that could not only support these organizations but also work in tandem with them to identify and sustain future programs.

The Chinese American Community Foundation would be more than a charitable vehicle for donors; it would be a holistic resource for stakeholders on both sides of the grantmaking process. Informed by the depth of their own civic engagements and a close network of local non-profits, professional advisors, and donors, the founders envisioned a framework for more impactful philanthropy within the Chinese-American community. Its goal is to create a community of donors who will invest in the growth of the endowment, respond to the changing needs of the Bay Area, and strengthen leaders and organizations for generations to come.


1. What does the Chinese American Community Foundation do?

We promote philanthropy in the Chinese American community and serve as an intermediary between donors and community organizations. By leveraging our vast network of leaders, in-depth knowledge of the community, and expertise in gift planning, we serve as a resource for both donors and the organizations improving their communities.

2. How does the Chinese American Community Foundation help donors?

We arm donors with the information that helps them give more effectively. At CACF, they have access to philanthropic services such as gift planning, organizational analysis, strategy development, program reporting, and impact measurement. In addition to learning opportunities and field visits, we hope to develop a network for our donors to meet and share their experiences so they may increase the impact of their giving. Ultimately, our aim is to create a community of donors who support each other in their philanthropic journey.

3. How does the Chinese American Community Foundation help community groups?

CACF enables community groups to better serve Chinese Americans in the Bay Area through grants, collaborative fundraising, and educational programs such as trainings and shared-learning opportunities. We hope to serve as a knowledge resource and partner in growing planned gifts.

5, How is the Chinese American Community Foundation funded?

Our organization is currently supported by the Board of Directors and friends who are interested in building a vibrant and engaged Chinese American commuity.

6. How is the Chinese American Community Foundation structured?

The Chinese American Community Foundation became a reality with a seed grant from The San Francisco Foundation in 2011. Led by Dr. Rolland Lowe, David Lei and Buck Gee, its supporters have begun working closely with the philanthropic community to create a structure capable of meeting the needs of both donors and organizations. We formally launched in February 2013.

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Chinese American Community Foundation
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