Chefs Without Borders Holiday Meal Happening This Monday!

On December 10, the Asian Chefs Association and Chinese American Community Foundation will host the 8th annual Chefs Without Borders Holiday Lunch and Dinner at GLIDE Memorial Church.

If you haven’t heard, CACF will be co-hosting this year’s Chefs Without Borders Holiday Meal at GLIDE Memorial Church. We’re thrilled for this opportunity to join such a celebrated event and, after seeing the menu by Chef Khai (of Ana Mandara fame) and Chef Larry (of the famous Chef Chu’s), we can’t wait to spread the joy of delicious Asian fusion food! With award-winning chefs and 150 volunteers lined up to help, we’re sure to make this event a memorable one for GLIDE’s disadvantaged community.

To read more about the event, click here. We’ll also be featuring some of the wonderful people involved each day until the event so stay tuned!

Photo credit: Frank Jang